Karam Kriya School of Kundalini Yoga

This is one of the Kundalini Yoga teacher training bodies in the UK. The founder is Shiv Charan Singh, who is based in Portugal with his wife Satya Kaur.

‘Karam Kriya’ is the study of numbers (numerology), of which Shiv Charan Singh is an expert. He is the author of ‘Let the Numbers do the Talking’.

Level 1 teacher training courses take place in London and Brighton.

Spirit Voyage

Spirit Voyage produce kundalini yoga music and organise kundalini yoga & music festivals in USA. They sell music and clothes for yoga and so much more. They also organise 40 day Global Sadhanas.  You can join their mailing list to receive:

  • Free Music Friday – a free track to download every Friday afternoon
  • 40 day Global Sadhanas

Sat Nam Versand

A European supplier of music, books, videos and more for kundalini yoga

Sushmuna Yoga

This is an online store for kundalini yoga music and books, based in the UK and run by teacher Livtar Kaur.

Kundalini Yoga musicians

You will hear music by these yogis – among others – played in kundalini yoga classes:

Raw Food

Raw food is a great complement to Kundalini Yoga. My experience of this cleansing diet/lifestyle since 2009 is that it cleans up the physical body and the energy bodies, clears access to my intuition, and opens up a spiritual doorway.

I teach raw food workshops in Bath, Bradford on Avon and Devon. Please visit my website  for inspiration and details of events.

Sources of Inspiration

Jeff Foster

Jeff’s invitation is to discover the natural happiness that you are.  He has published a book called ‘Falling in Love with Where You Are’.

Matt Licata

Matt’s blog aims to provide a warm, loving, and provocative space for the mysteries of your heart to unfold.