Students’ comments

Experience of Kundalini Yoga

My own experience of kundalini yoga is that it is powerfully transformative. I feel uplifted, often blissful and very grateful after attending a class.

Here are some comments from students at the classes in Bath and Bradford on Avon:

“I’ve really enjoyed my intro to Kundalini yoga … your v inspiring beautiful classes. Thank you.”

“Enjoyed the class sooooo much this morning! Loved the breathing exercises! Thanks very much, Aradhana Kaur! Looking forwards to the next class” ~ new student

“In my blissed out state last week after your class […] I forgot I wouldn’t be able to come to another one. I really enjoyed the two classes I came to and thank you so much. You’re a lovely teacher and helped me remember how much I loved Kundalini Yoga!” ~ experienced student

“Aradhana is a wonderful person. She is friendly and warm with a huge heart and a beautiful smile. She is the most passionate and inspiring yoga teacher I have met. Her classes are truly amazing. The love and detail she puts into her classes makes every one of them feel incredibly special. I always leave the class feeling that my mind is more at ease, my body is rejuvenated and my soul has been touched. Her constant encouragement and undying passion make me feel so much happier and ready to face the world. Aradhana is a gifted yoga teacher, I wouldn’t miss a class!” ~ Paula

“Peaceful and joyful” ~ Sarah

“Subtlely powerfully transformative” ~ Nicky