About Aradhana

Aradhana Kaur

Aradhana Kaur, kundalini yoga teacher in Bath and Bradford on Avon

“In my experience, Kundalini Yoga is a powerfully transformative practice that brings me into my centre and allows me to shine my truth.” Aradhana

When I first discovered Kundalini Yoga in 2004 it was the mantras that landed in my heart and made me keep coming to class, even though on the surface I thought it was a crazy yoga. My soul recognised that this was the way home. This is my personal experience, you will have your own experience.

I lost touch with my first teacher after a few months and kept searching for a new one but kundalini yoga was not well known in the UK at that time. I would occasionally come across a teacher for a one-off class or workshop.

Then in 2010 I heard the familiar mantras playing as I stood outside a class and I knew I’d found the thread again.  In fact this was a Naam Yoga class, which combines Kundalini Yoga with Kabbalah under the founder Joseph Michael Levry.  I started a regular practice and soon met my local kundalini yoga teachers.

Aradhana at the European Kundalini Festival in 2011

The Yogic Diet at the festival – mung dahl with hot sauce, carrot, beetroot and salad

In 2011 I attended the European Kundalini Yoga Festival, an amazing gathering of 2,000 yogis in the grounds of a chateau in France. This was a full-power experience to be among this strong community, to rise at 4am to chop vegetables for my seva (selfless service) or go to the Aquarian Sadhana at 5am with some of the best known yogi musicians leading the mantras. Attending classes with the leading teachers in the world, experiencing the teachings of the heads of the kundalini yoga schools. Learning how it is possible to feed 2,000 people at the same time and have everyone do their own washing up.  Learning for the first time how to tie my turban from a beautiful German yogini. And so much singing and chanting. It was quite an amazing experience.

I was inspired to start my teacher training to deepen my practice of kundalini yoga. I decided to study with Karam Kriya School, under Shiv Charan Singh, and finally in 2012 I began my training. Early in 2013 I completed my training and started teaching classes in Bath in January.

Kundalini Yoga pairs up perfectly with raw food, giving me more of my own radiance from inside. I also teach raw food workshops in the Bath area – please visit www.BeautifulHeartRawKitchen.co.uk for more information.