Healing Ancestral Karma, a 40 day Global Sadhana

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Healing Ancestral Karma, a 40 day Global Sadhana

A 40 day Global Sadhana with Ashana for Healing Ancestral Karma

Yogi Bhajan said that when we work to clear our subconsious, we are directly impacting  and healing seven generations past and seven generations into the future.

Have a think about how many people that’s impacting. Really, take a minute to think about your own family, do you even know who’s there beyond 2 or 3 generations back? And 7 generations into the future, well…!  It’s a bit like a mammoth Family Constellation. The ripples of your practice are going to be vast. It’s such a gift to ourselves and the world when we do this practice, any practice that heals and elevates us.

So take time each day on your mat, on your sheepskin, and take the meditation off the mat too and into your daily life, moment by moment. It’s not just about 11 minutes in the morning. Meditation for breakfast is a great way to start your day, and keep sipping on it, tasting the nectar of each present moment, through elevenses, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner time, through to bedtime and your dreams. Watch as the quality of your life changes – and those around you.


Global Sadhana

At this moment in time we have the invitation to join over 20,000 yogis around the world in the gloabl sangat to practise this 11 minute meditation to heal our ancestral karma. The 40 days started on 12 July but you can join in at any time and continue for your own period of 40 consecutive days.


Discover “Healing Ancestral Karma” with Ashana – explanation and instructions for the meditation

In this first video we meet the singer and crystal bowl maestro, Ashana, who talks about the intention of this meditation.  

She also introduces us to her family of crystal bowls which she plays on the track that accompanies the meditation. There’s one made of gold, one platinum, one rose quartz, one sunstone… and they each have different qualites. Some are tuned to resonate with a particular chakra, others to activate the divine feminine or masculine energies. The sound is heavenly.


Mudra & Mantra for this meditation

Ashana teaches the simple but beautiful mudra. We sit in easy pose with the right hand placed on the heart centre, palm in. The left hand is placed behind the back at the level of the heart, with the palm facing out. We are receiving blessings and blessing ourselves, and at the same time sending out blessings to our ancestors.

The mantra is a chant to Guru Ram Das, the 4th Sikh guru, who is known for his humility and for bringing miracles.

Guru Guru Waheguru – this invokes the vibrational frequency of the infinite, of the formless, of ecstasy

Guru Ram Das Guru –  this invokes the vibrational frequency of that which is brought into form, the wisdom that is the servant of the infinite.


Healing Ancestral Karma Global Sadhana with Ashana: The Meditation

In this video Ashana leads us in the 11 minute practice, beginning by tuning in with Ong Namo, followed by 11 minutes of the mantra.

The Global Sadhana is organised by SpiritVoyage.com, the excellent website of kundalini yoga music and much more. If you go to their website you can register to join the Gloabl Sadhana and you will receive an email every day during the practice, giving you encouragement to keep up.

You can read more about the the idea behind the Global Sadhana and how it works on this page on my website >>

Thank you for your gift to yourself and your gift to the world.

Sat nam


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